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With the passage of centuries  the Romanov Family was destined  to be inextricably linked to  Russia went through  many  challenges. In the 20-th century heavy ordeals fell to the Family’s lot. Today the  disrupted links of times are restored and members of the Romanov Family  participate - to the  extent possible- in the spiritual and social life of Russia.

                                                                                                                      The "Prince Dimitri Romanov Charity Fund", established in spring 2006, reflects the will of Prince Dimitri Romanov, the founder of the Fund, to find new possibilities for humanitarian activities in Russia and CIS states.The Fund was honoured with blessing of His Holiness Alexiy II, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and also has the recognition of Administration of the President of Russian Feleration.

Engaged in programs for promoting spirituality, arts and medical assistance to the needy, the Fund also gives to those interested an opportunity to join the charity activities and make a personal contribution in order no help solve the social, problems the donor feels are most acute and important.

We know that in spite of  difficult times, there are many in Russia who believe in the historic calling of Russia and try to make the life of the country and its citizens more prosperous, sophisticated and rich in spiritual terms. We appreciate the efforts of individual and corporate donors whose  human kindness and generosity allows  to protecting  the people, the society and - in larger terms - the Russian State . 

Throughout  the  world  and at  any  epoch  there  have always been  successful  businessmen  or  people gifted with kind hearts that happened to be not  indifferent to the plight  of  their brothers, and  sought  to preserve good memories of themselves. The  experience of  philanthropic  activities in Russia testifies that those  who engage in generous charity become  successful  themselves.


Cooperating with our Charity Fund, You may:
- participate in our projects;
- receive full information about the activities of the Fund and distribution of your   donation  for a charity project as well as receive a letter of gratitude from Prince      Dimitri Romanov, Chairman of the Fund;
- become an acknowledged philanthropist.



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